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Updated: Dec 26, 2023

We are a private tourism company, that operates in Portugal and Spain. Come and find out more about us!

Hello there!

Hello there, my name is André Antunes and i am 33 years old, born in Alfama, Lisbon.

Since i was little kid, my teachers (specially the foreign languages) kept telling me that some day i would work in tourism. 

Reality is, when attended university i did choose another course, Political Sciences, a interesting course but not for me, it did not light the passion mode

 After leaving college i worked in many places, that allow me not only to understand the working market, but also to improved some skills. One day out of the blue, an offer from the tourism industry happened, i promptly answered yes!

I did some classes we some of the best tour guides of Portugal, started my adventure from North to South of Portugal.

Today, 6 years later, i got stronger and better, i sharpen my knowledge and have my own business where i greet my customers, that rapidly become my friends. With all the love, passion and detail i show my country through the eyes of a Portuguese. Always with all the comfort and flexibility possible. So i would love to meet you and to take you to some amazing places in Portugal!

Come with us and let us guide you with comfort and passion for this amazing country! We do Private tours in Portugal!

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