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Portuguese Food and wine

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Check the amazing pictures, check the culture, the amazing feeling of home cooking and the of course Portuguese food and wines!

Private food tour in Lisbon

The Portuguese food has a bit of Mediterranean as it has Atlantic influence, as you can tell by the amount of fish that is consumed each and every year. It has 3 gastronomic pillars: bread, wine and olive oil.

The pork meat and guts are used for a roll of different types of courses and little courses that we call "petiscos", normally the hams and chouriços are the ones which stand out more.

With the Portuguese explorers by the ocean, a variety of spices where added to our food, like the beans and potatoes, that where adopted as essential products.

The variety that our food has nowadays, tell, us that the Portuguese gastronomy had a great influence of all the ancient cultures that pass through out Portugal.

Let yourself immerse and transport on the amazing flavors of the Portuguese cuisine, don't worry we take care of everything, just bring good humor, appetite and confortable shoes.

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