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Aveiro city at night time. Portuguese venice


  • What is the advantage of doing a private tour with Nomadinspiration?
    Our guides, are experts not only in one day tours, but specially in multi-day tour in Portugal, which means an enormous flexibility and knowledge that were acquired through the years, so that we can present Portugal in the best and most comfortable way. Because our tours can be customized this gives freedom for the customer to put the idea that they have in practice, with no effort at all. We will take care of the parking while touring, imagine you want to celebrate an anniversary with an amazing Portuguese wine! Don't worry our expert guides are also drivers. We take care of everything with all the love and passion that we have for our country. And if you are tired just relax and enjoy the views in our luxury Mercedes Benz car or van.
  • What are the major differences between a private tour with Nomadinspiration and Bus tour?
    A bus tour, normally involves groups of different people from 35 to 55 people, with a tight schedule. One of the main differences is the flexibility to accommodate more hours in the schedule if you want, the personalized service where you have direct contact with the guide, all the time. Our itineraries are flexible (when possible), thought just for small groups, never putting two separate groups together. The fact that we use cars and vans also allows us to go to roads and places where the buses never could, seeing this way more of the traditional Portugal.
  • Is accommodation included in the price of the multi-day tours?
    It is not included, however we can make good suggestions of hotels, depending on the client's necessity.
  • What is included in a Nomadinspiration private tour?
    At our website, you will find in each tour and multi-day tour all the inclusions. One of our major benefits is the fact we can adapt each tour according to each different client, leaving all the details to us, allows the client to relax and really enjoy their vacations in Portugal.
  • Does the guide/driver guide us trough the monuments?
    We have an open concept in Nomadinspiration, where our drivers are also the guides. Of course we always go in the monuments with the clients, except if there is any restriction, like staying with our clients that can't or do not want to walk or do not want to see the monument. This a comfortable and practical way to have 2 products of excellence in 1, a driver who also is a guide! Compensating the value of the investment.
  • Does Nomadinspiration, private tours or multi-day tours include lunch?"
    Only if it is included in the tour, yes, always in traditional hand picked restaurant, because we do value our good food in Portugal. ​
  • Are the tours insured?
    Most definitely. In Portugal every tourism company is required by law to have, personal accident insurance, Public liability insurance and road risks insurance.
  • I have seen all your website and it does not have what i am looking for. Can you customize my idea?
    Indeed you can. One the big advantages of being a private tour company, is exactly the fact we can adapt each and every tour to your needs and wishes, just contact us trough our email:
  • ​I have a big family of 15 people, but from what i notice you have prices only until 8 people, is it possible to to a tour with 15 people?"
    We can do it all. If you have a big family we will adapt our vehicle conditions and have a micro bus so all the family will be together having the best time possible.
  • Is Nomadinspiration a legal company?
    Yes, our license is Tour operator, RNAAT 778/2019. ​​
  • Payments and bookings
    You can pay trough Paypal* Money (euros in Portugal) *To ensure the booking we always require a booking payment (20% of total value) that can be done trough Paypal, we will just send you a link to your email and then you can proceed to do the payment in a relax and safe way.
  • Cancellation of bookingHow can i cancel? What are the rules?
    No fees will be applied with cancellations done 1 week before the date of the tour. In case it is done in between 1 week and 48 hours 20% will be charged of total value. If cancellation only occurs in the last 48 hours before the tour, we will charge 80% of the total service.
  • How can i contact Nomadinspiration?
    Trough our email: or phone number: +351 914 912 654 Instagram: Or facebook:
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