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Food in Portugal part 1

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Food is such an important issue when travelling, if not the most important. I am natural from Lisbon and grew up in the surroundings of Lisbon. I have spent many vacations in my grandparents house in the North of Portugal. A little village called Casal Espirito Santo, there the food is different.. Lisbon is a good town to try some first things in Portugal, if you are a first visit traveler in Portugal you would find fascinating the freshness of the ingredients and of course the variety, but in Portugal we always say that you eat good food in Lisbon but outside of Lisbon that's when things start to get real!

In Lisbon you can go and try some codfish cakes, some chorizo, and of course the custard tart.

But as you go out of Lisbon not only things are less expensive, but the quality increases a lot as well. The variety of food changes from region, to region.

When I went to my grandparents home they would serves the amazing "feijoada" North style or Roasted Lamb, or even "Chanfana", that is nothing more than old goat stew (not for everybody) the flavors are amazing rich, and with high quality.

This post serves the point to explain, that outside of Lisbon, you can get really good food, do not be afraid to try the more remote little villages, normally these are the one that hide many surprises, gastronomic and cultural wise.

So check our Multi-day Tour of Serra da Estrela and Historical villages, here is the link

Good travel for everybody see you in Portugal.

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Those pictures are in Piódão, one the oldest and most traditional historical villages of Portugal. The other picture is an amazing pie with wild boar and deer meat it is divine.

And the last picture is from Monsanto, considered the most Portuguese village of Portugal.

Nomadinspiration your Private Tour company in Portugal!

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