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Iniciatic well Quinta da regaleira Sintr

The most popular tours, are the one our clients most identify.

Not only the amazing views that we have in Portugal, but also the VIP service we deliver for our customers.

Come and take a pick.


 Our multi-day tours are particular thought out so it can adjust the client's need.

From 5 days with the families or couples until 25 days.


Our guides are professional experts, trained for any situation.Come and try, share your idea with us, and will make sure your dream come true.


Our guides, are experts not only in one day tours, but specially in multi-day tour in Portugal, which means an enormous flexibility and knowledge that were acquired through the years, so that we can present Portugal in the best and most comfortable way. Because our tours can be customized this gives freedom for the customer to put the idea that they have in practice, with no effort at all. We will take care of the parking while touring, imagine you want to celebrate an anniversary with an amazing Portuguese wine! Don't worry our expert guides are also drivers.We take care of everything with all the love and passion that we have for our country. And if you are tired just relax and enjoy the views in our luxury Mercedes Benz car or van. 

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Obidos private tours.jpg
  • Travel stress free

  • Want to change the schedule route and the time you end the tour? Guess what?! We take care of everything

  • Traveling with your grandparents or children, no worries we can adapt each tour according to your needs 

  • All the privacy and attention you require

  • Imagine spending a day with only your family and your expert guide

  • Need a bigger car or van, we take care of that

Popular Tours

Iniciatic well Quinta da regaleira Sintr

Private Tour Mysteries of Regaleira in Sintra

Come and find one the most beautiful and enigmatic palaces of Sintra.

private tours loriga.jpg

In 10 days we visit the interior of Portugal, passing in the highest point of Portugal and all in the forgotten historical villages.

10 day in Serra da Estrela Historical Villages

balão de ar quente.jpg

Fun familly Private tour with ballon ride

Talk about exclusive, mixed with adventure and fun. On this tour you have it all, from Ballon ride, to buggy in the mountains, to amazing river cruze.


About us

Hello there, my name is André Antunes and I am 34 years old, born in Alfama, Lisbon.

Since I was a little kid, my teachers (especially the foreign languages) kept telling me that someday I would work in tourism. 

Reality is, when I attended university I did choose another course, Political Sciences, an interesting course but not for me, it did not light the passion mode.

Nomadinspiration Private tours

Private and relaxed

Safe and comfortable

Customized for you

Empathy and good humor are a must for all our guides that put their harts in our Private tours.

Know Portugal from North to South with comfort and in the safest way possible, your well being is our number one priority.

Our tours are flexible to your wishes and needs, where the smallest details are the one we cherish more.


Portugal come alive - Erik, Pittsburgh U.S.A

"There is no better way to see Portugal! André has all the know-how of a master tour guide but makes you feel like you’re traveling with a friend. He goes above and beyond to make sure you have good time. During our custom three day tour, we were greeted by homemade wine (which was delicious!), and then taken to the most intimate, mysterious, and beautiful places Portugal has."

Private tour of Portugal - Planned by Andre - Prashant Kalavar, U.S.A

Andre is a phenomenal tour guide - the best I have ever met. His knowledge of Portugal, his demeanor, manners, planning, time management and organizational skills are impeccable. My family and I did a 7 day tour of Portugal with Andre covering various places like Lagos, Algarve, Sintra, Lisbon, Cascais and Porto and we had the best overall sight- seeing experience.

Thank you!

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