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Serra da Estrela and Historical Villages

10 day Tour

1 DAY - Private Tour from Lisbon, Monsanto, Covilhã 8am-6pm

2 DAY - Private Tour Manteigas, Torre, Penhas da Saúde  9am-5pm

Departure from Lisbon 8 am, stop at Monsanto.  Considered one of the most typical Portuguese villages, this small, but well preserved  village is located near the border with Spain.

Known for its winding streets and fantastic rolling stones, was in ancient times place of Celts and knights of the temple. 


We stop to appreciate its architecture, its delicious gastronomy and the mysterious dolls marafonas, a rag doll, without eyes, or mouth, nose or ears, dressed in a colorful regional costume.


Its frame is a cross of wood covered with fabric. the marafona dolls  of Monsanto, are used to celebrate fertility, and to protect the houses against storms.

We then head towards Covilhã, where we will spend the night.  

 Arrive Covilhã at 6 pm.

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Today is the day that we go to the highest point of mainland Portugal. But first let's go through Manteigas, a land of shepherds, the famous cheeses of Serra da Estrela and sausages.

During this visit, we will also visit the covão d'ametade and the Zêzere Glacier Valley. After this landscaping wonder, finally we climbed to the top of the Tower, located at a height of 1993 meters, has a tower with about 7 meters that makes the total of 2000 meters.

Return to the hotel in Covilhã at 5 pm.

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3 DAY - Private Tour Piódão 9am-5pm

One of the most famous historic shale villages. After a beautiful drive from Covilhã to Piódão, here comes the the first glimpse of this village.


The houses with shale walls and roofs of lages, have the doors and windows painted with a single shade of blue, giving it a unique aspect, which was named Piódão as "Christmas village" due to its night illumination and snow in the winter.


After an invigorating walk in the village and a lovely lunch, it is time to return to Covilhã.


Return to Covilhã at 5 pm.   

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Serra das Estrela private tour Nomadinsp

4 DAY - Private Tour Sortelha, Belmonte 9am-5pm

5 DAY - Private Tour Covilhã, Aveiro e Porto 9am - 6pm 

Let's go on an adventure and see this village that seems forgotten in time,  but which is very well preserved. Located at an altitude of 760 m, the Castle is visible from a long distance. Its origins date back to the 12 century,  having been commissioned by D. Sancho I. It was designated National Patrimony in 1910.

 Climbing to the Tower guarantees a fabulous view  on Sortelha and the valleys that surround it. We also see the main Church, old house  and jail and we passed in the garden of the ring. 


Belmonte is our next stop. Village of a large community of Jwes, home for the family Cabral, where Pedro Álvares Cabral was born. 

 We visit the Jewish museum, the discoverers museum, and have fun through the winding streets of this beautiful mountain.

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We left Covilhã taking with us a feeling of longing and nostalgia, and depart for the city of Aveiro.


Our first stop is in the beautiful city of Aveiro, known as the "Portuguese Venice"  In addition to its beautiful historic center beautiful Art Deco mansions.

The city has a rich cuisine and tradicional sweets. Aveiro is a town cut by Rias, and famous for its boats, the "moliceiros".

These boats had the function of transporting the molasses seaweed.


In the afternoon we return to Porto, at about 6 pm we will be at the hotel.   

Relax, Trust and Enjoy with Nomadinspiration!

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Tour Includes


6 DAY - Private City Tour Porto   


7 DAY - Private Tour Minho (Guimarães e Braga) - 9am-5pm 

Pick up at 9 am in the hotel  in Porto.

We will start at the top of Porto, an undefeated city where we will visit the Cathedral, the beautiful São Bento station and its magnificent Tile panels.

We cross the Ponte D. Luis to Gaia, enjoying the wonderful view of the Douro River.


In Gaia, we will do a tasting of Port wine (optional). In the afternoon we will visit the Clérigos tower and the Lions square.

We will take a panoramic tour at the mouth of the Douro river where we finish our tour.

Return to the hotel at 5pm.   

Relax, Trust and Enjoy with Nomadinspiration!

Pick up at 9am in the hotel in Porto.

Let's go to the city that is known as the "Cradle" of Portugal, where the first Portuguese castle is located, the Duques Palace, the chapel where the first King of Portugal was baptized and will walk through the historic center of the city enjoying the magnificent medieval streets and its charms.

Following to Braga, we will visit the Cathedral and the fantastic Sanctuary of Bom Jesus de Braga. 

We returned to Porto at 5 pm.

Relax, Trust and Enjoy with Nomadinspiration!

Piódão private tour.jpg
Porto city tour Nomadinspiration.jpg
loriga private tours.jpg

8 DAY - Private Tour Douro Valley 9am-6pm

9 DAY - Private Tour Viana do Castelo-Barcelos  8am-5pm

Pick up from hotel in Porto.

Our day will start with a wonderful ride through the Douro region. We will visit the city of Amarante, where the bridge over the Tâmega River stands. Visit the Church of São Gonçalo.


Then heading to the Alto Douro, we will make one of the most beautiful roads of Portugal (thus considered), passing through Mesão Frio.

We will stop for a traditional lunch In the afternoon we will continue through magnificent landscapes between the vineyards of the region and the Douro River. Visit a winery of Port wine.


 Return to the hotel in Porto at 6 pm.

Relax, Trust and Enjoy with Nomadinspiration!

Leaving Porto, we head towards Barcelos, where the famous Galo de Barcelos legend was born, we cross its ancient streets full of history. 

 Starting at Viana do Castelo, our first stop is in the fiery Basilica of Santa Luzia, situated at the top of the city this is the best view on Viana do Castelo.

In the historical center we will wander through its streets and alleys, finding the cathedral and the ancient palace of kings. 

We returned to Porto at 5 pm.

Relax, Trust and Enjoy with Nomadinspiration!

10 DAY - Private Tour Porto, Coimbra, Lisboa 9am-7pm

Pick up at 9 am in the hotel in Porto.

On the way to Lisbon, we will visit one of the oldest universities in Europe. The University of Coimbra, with its fabulous Joanina Library. Stroll through the historic center, discovering the Arco do Almedina and visiting the Santa Cruz Monastery, where the tomb of the first King of Portugal, D. Afonso Henriques is located.

Going down to the lower part of town we will dazzle ourselves with beautiful squares and with the view on the Mondego River.

 Return to the hotel at 6 pm in Lisbon.

Relax, Trust and Enjoy with Nomadinspiration!


Tour Includes

  • Boat trip in Aveiro

  • Visit and wine tasting at a Port winery

  • Visit and wine tasting at a local winery at Douro Valley

  • Entrance and visit to the Jewish museum

  • Entrance and visit to the discoveries museum

  • Free WiFi and bottled water

  • Exclusive and specialized guide/driver

  • Personalized transport in a luxury Mercedes vehicle, in safe & comfortable conditions

  • All taxes

  • Public liability and personal accidents insurance

Cultural and Gastronomic Tour

Start and End in Lisbon

From 1 to 7 People

10 days of pure joy, relaxation and adventure

How Much is it?

 Ask us and we will give you the best price!

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